Archimedes Principle


Have you ever jumped into a pond, well or a pool of water ? If you have, you would have experienced a strange thing that happens. When you are in the water, you feel lighter compared to when you are standing outside. Besides, when you try to push down any floating object ( Tennis ball, empty water bottle ) in a vessel filled with water, you feel the object pushing your hand up and on removing the hand, the object rises up to the surface of the water.

Materials Required

For Task 1 and 2: (i) Bucket/beaker half filled with water, (ii) Spring balance (iii) objects with the same volume but different weights (v)Salt (v) Digital weighing machine
For Task 3: i) A strong wooden stick, (ii) bucket filled with water, (iii) thread, (iv) wax candle, (v) match box and (vi) 2 stones of unequal (but nearly equal) masses

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