Biodiversity and Classification


Organizing objects into categories or themes is one of the basic human tendency such that these objects are related to each other in a meaningful way. Classifying helps us to find or recognize objects easily. The most popular example of classification is the clothes arranged in cupboard. You can check how clothes are separated in your home. They might be separated based on their use in different weathers, by ownership, and based on its utility like daily wear, special occasions or uniforms. To classify objects, one must examine them carefully to find the differences and similarities between them. Ideally, every object should be placed in only one category and selecting the most appropriate category is very important. To organize objects within a category more, you can make sub categories if the objects can be classified further.

Materials Required

Task 1 – Ruler, Pen, Protractor, Eraser, Sharpner, Pencil, Divider, Colour pencil, Compass, Sets square (45-45-90), Sets square (30-60-90)

Task 2 – Printouts of sheets – ‘Shapes for reconstructing animals’ to each group, Blank paper sheet (for students to draw the shapes), Pen / Pencil

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