Components of Wood-ash


This unit aims at understanding different properties of wood ash (colour, texture, and chemical properties, etc), which make it suitable for numerous uses (eg, cleaning utensils, as a disinfectant, etc). It also aims at showing that ash is not a single substance and attempts to separate different components of it based on their different properties.

Materials Required

Wood Ash (If wood ash is not available, then take a piece of wood and burn it in open air till it is completely burnt. Let it cool down and use it.), Juice of 3-5 Lemon, squeezed and filtered through a strainer, Funnel and filter paper (or a coarse cloth and a tea-strainer), 4-5 beakers (100 or 250 mL) or any other similar containers, Glass rod, or spoon, or spatula, Test tubes, test tube stand, Litmus paper (red and blue), and turmeric powder, a dirty piece of cloth.

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