Is there protein in those grains?

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 We will try to use everyday processes known in cooking to develop a new test for proteins. We will use this new test to decide whether an unknown (mystery) grain contains protein or not.

Food grains: White rice, Wheat, Bajra OR Jowar, Chana dal OR Moong dal, Black chana OR Whole moong, Any split dal – Toor (Arhar) dal OR Udad dal OR Masur dal

Weighing balance or spring balance, 250 ml beakers or conical fasks for heating (6 – 12), Measuring cylinders (100 ml capacity), Electric heating plates OR Bunsen burners (with stands), Scientific thermometers, Clear plastic bottles (~100 ml volume, 6x), Deep trays that can serve as water baths, Strainers, Rulers.

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