Rediscover, Describe and Draw Birds

The scientific study of birds is called Ornithology. By learning to observe and study birds, you can learn basic life skills in observation and inference. Birds serve as indicators of environmental change, for example, health of seabirds informs us about fish populations. Birds can also teach us many things. They inspire many human inventions and innovations. For example, the design of the Japanese Shinkansen Bullet Train was inspired by the beak of a kingfisher bird. Birds also play a very important role in our ecosystem. They are help in pollination and seed dispersal, control crop pests, are predators to disease spreading animals like rats, and can also be scavengers. A behavioral observation is an old tool of a scientist, or a curious human being. Animals and birds may reveal its secrets to those who are willing to observe patiently and keenly. By observing common birds, you may discover something interesting and learn something new. So let’s do some bird watching!

Notebooks, pen, pencil, colours. Binoculars, camera and field guides are optional.

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This video about birds.

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