Seasons in the life of a Tree


Discovering something new about nature is not an easy task. It cannot be done casually. It requires a lot of observations from different locations/ places for a longer period of time to predict something about nature. Does the scientist do it all alone? No. For such observations scientists and sometimes, people across the globe come together and share their observations with each other. It avails large amount of data from different places, in large span of time. As we know, we depend on trees in various ways to fulfill our needs. We always read about trees in books/ on the internet, but we ever tried to see how they get affected by changes in seasons? Trees go through various seasonal changes. Which may directly or indirectly affects the health of a tree or may cause morphological changes. For example – in summer, some trees shed their leaves completely, while some tree starts flowering or fruiting. These changes may vary in different trees.

Materials Required

Pen, paper, Ledger/notebook (1 per tree)

Identifying at least one tree of the school campus or neighbourhood

Data and photo uploading facility- directly through the Vigyan Pratibha website, Whatsapp, E-mail etc (Optional)

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