Microorganisms at Our Doorstep


In the rainy season, we observe puddles in our school grounds. We feel happy to play in such puddles, by jumping or making/playing with paper boats. In some areas, we see drainage covers that have two holes filled with some material (soil, leaves, water, etc.). We often tend to ignore such places. Do you know that such points i.e. the puddles, the holes in the drainage covers, can be of immense significance for learning/understanding about tiny life forms, and their varieties? As they say, variety is the spice of life! We have learned about handling and caring of a microscope in our previous unit. Using that knowledge, we will explore such tiny life forms using a microscope.

Materials Required

Immediate environment: soil sample, puddles, drainage wells, pond water, etc. 

Lab based: test tubes, test tube stand, droppers, brush, hand lens. 

Microscope setup: ordinary compound microscope, slides, coverslip, smartphone (as a digital camera); (optional items: ocular eyepiece, stage micrometre, dissection microscope) 

Stationary items: pencil, paper, graph paper, (optional items: marker pen, coloured pencils, post-its notes, stickers)

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