Class 8

Learning Units

Areas of Shapes between Parallel Lines

Colors and Maps

Euclid’s Game

Exploring a Dot Grid Through Rectangles

Finding the right path

Is Your Polygon Same as Mine?

An Experiment on Measuring Volume

Bringing Back Shine to Copper

Components of Wood-ash

Force between magnets

Looking through a microscope

Moon and its shape

Osmosis in raisins


Pinhole Camera

Shades From Shapes


The Journey from Milk to Curd

Twists in the Fibers

Understanding Adolescence

Understanding Gender

What the Moths Taught Us

Can you map?

Know your Rice!

Microorganisms at Our Doorstep

Rediscover, Describe and Draw Birds

Class 9

Learning Units

An Exploration of Fractals

Counting Areas

Exploring Irrational Numbers

Exploring Patterns in Square Numbers

Mid-Point Quadrilaterals

‘Music’ : What it means?

Archimedes Principle

Biodiversity and Classification


How “Z” got its name

Is there protein in those grains?

My Food, My Choice

Precise and accurate measurements

The Accidental Discovery

Know Your Soil

Seasons in the life of a Tree

Open Platform Activities

COOOL STEMGames! (Collaborative Open Online Ongoing Learning through STEM games)

They are open ended Creative Investigatory Projects which we gamify and publish here periodically. A Collaborative platform for Open Online and Ongoing Learning through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) games has been developed to support learners taking up these projects, keeping in mind the 21st Century Learning Goals.
Most STEM research projects need a lab (unless they are field projects).
By participating in the projects, you can create a lab or makerspace if you don’t have one, and those of you who already have a lab can make your lab/makerspace more active and vibrant space. These projects become a context to cultivate and recognize STEM habits.